Avenues Financial provides high quality financial services to our clients. All of our services are customizable to fit your needs. All of our fees are at a fixed monthly rate so your bill will never increase for simply asking for help.

Financial Services​

Timely, accurate, and relevant financial information is absolutely paramount for successful business management & helps you reach your goals. Partnering with Avenues Financial puts you on the right track to achieve your goals.

Avenues Financial provides high quality bookkeeping services. All of our bookkeepers are supervised by experienced certified public accountants to ensure our clients avoid costly mistakes. The role of bookkeeper is to perform basic tasks. The bookkeeper’s job is to care for the financial recordkeeping of a business. In addition to implementing a system of tracking financial transactions, a bookkeeper is also responsible for handling accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable (A/R). When a bookkeeper makes mistakes, it can cost the company. Failure to keep up with accounts payable can result in lowered credit ratings with lenders, and a failure to keep up the same level of performance in accounts receivable can end with a company not realizing its income in a timely manner. All of our bookkeepers are supervised and trained by our certified public accountants to avoid costly mistakes for our clients. Learn More

Accountants help businesses with reports and insights that help them bind together multiple financial indicators. As a result, the businesses are better positioned to understand the areas generating profits and the ones that need improvement. Depending on the size of the business, an accountant may do some of the same duties as a bookkeeper. Typically, however, accountants have a four-year college degree and have a higher level of expertise and experience than bookkeepers. The primary task of accountants is to prepare and examine financial records. Duties include analyzing data, finance reports, budgets, tax returns, and accounting records. An accountant reports findings to management regarding finances and sometimes may make suggestions to become more financially efficient or stable. Learn More

Having an accounting controller is a major step up for many businesses. Adding a controller adds more power to your financial management. In fact, a good controller will pay for itself in a growing company that needs more advanced systems by helping to keep costs under control and by helping to better manage cash flow. While the average mom and pop shop has little need for one, most SMBs will see significant value in having an accounting controller at the helm. Far beyond the accurate keeping of financial records, a controller helps a company realize impactful accounting solutions in the areas of cash flow management and maintaining overall control of operational costs. An accounting controller is capable of handling the job duties of the average bookkeeper but in most cases acts in a supervisory capacity by answering high level accounting questions. Unlike a bookkeeper, who is generally only knowledgeable enough to create basic financial statements, a controller is capable of producing detailed financial reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Learn More

The CFO is in charge of the overall financial management of a company under the direction of the owners or CEO. Planning, projecting, measuring and tracking financial and operational progress fall under the CFO’s umbrella. There is a significant strategic and tactical difference between the value a CFO brings to the leadership of a business and that of a Bookkeeper. Because most small and medium size businesses cannot afford a full time CFO, then a part time CFO with Avenues Financial would be an ideal arrangement. The key is to find a CFO that can be your trusted advisor and provide financial, operational and business insights. Learn More

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are considered fiduciaries with a legal duty and power to act on behalf of, and in the best interest of, their clients. CPAs are in the business of offering financial advice. They are often viewed as more credible and trustworthy since they have to undergo stringent requirements to obtain and maintain their license. They also assist businesses with the management of expenses and investments and help with financial planning. Our certified public accountants also provide management accounting, forensic accounting, cost accounting, and project accounting to fit your needs. Read More

Integrated Services

Avenues Financial provides solutions to fit your needs, whether audit preparation, internal controls or system conversion. Our team has the expertise and experience to achieve your goals.

If your organization is facing an audit, it’s important to be well prepared before the auditors arrive. Dedicating the necessary time and resources to prepare your company for the audit is a good investment. Sometimes your staff won’t have the appropriate amount of time to prepare and that is where we come in. Partnering with Avenues Financial we can take the time to review reconciliations, prepare roll forwards, keep up with accounting standards, and organize the needed documents. We understand that your team is busy and we can help bridge the gap between what the auditors want and what your team has already prepared. We will cut down the unnecessary interruptions from the auditors which will give your team back more time to focus on the day to day operations. Learn More

Internal controls are the mechanisms, rules, and procedures implemented by a company to ensure the integrity of financial and accounting information, promote accountability, and prevent fraud. Internal controls can help improve operational efficiency by improving the accuracy and timeliness of financial reporting. A company’s internal control structure is unique to it just like your fingerprints are unique to you—one size does not fit all. Internal controls should be both effective and efficient for your particular organization. For example, the internal control structure for a Fortune 500 company will not necessarily be appropriate for a small owner-operated business. It is essential for a company’s management team to carefully design an internal control structure that addresses the risks to the organization without burdening it with unnecessary costs and effort. Learn More

Accounting Services for Information Services Company
Avenues Financial delivers high-quality work and completes their tasks efficiently. They communicate well and are transparent, which has helped them earn their client’s trust. As a result, their partnership has relieved the client’s workload when it comes to managing their finances.
CEO, Information Services Company
Bookkeeping, Forecasting, & Reporting for Marketing Company
Avenues Financial effectively investigated existing financial records and delivered accurate books that support informed business decisions. The team capably executes their responsibilities, which mitigates oversight. They remain a trustworthy partner that provides a myriad of accounting services.
Executive Vice President, Marketing Company
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Accounting & Financial Analysis for SEO Agency
Avenues Financial is doing a great job of managing the accounting and FP&A needs of the client. The team always meet their deadlines and exceed all of the client's expectations. They communicate using Slack, email, and phone and the team is very responsive throughout the engagement.
Business Manager, Rise Authority
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Accounting & Strategic Advisory for Digital Marketing Co.
Thanks to Avenues Financial’s job costing information, internal leadership is able to identify which projects and jobs are financially viable. Leadership can then use those reports to make data-driven decisions toward growing net profit.
CEO, Digital Marketing Agency
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Google Review
Nicole and her team goes above and beyond with our financial reporting, forecasting, and provides clear insights that help our executive team make business decisions. I highly recommend Avenues Financial!
Cody Jensen, Google Review
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Google Review
Have truly appreciated the thorough and proactive approach making the difficult seem easy. It’s refreshing to no longer be plagued by missing or partial reports. I finally feel like my business can make educated decisions on the unbiased numbers now.
Tanner Johnson, Google Review
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Google Review
This firm provides incredible bookkeeping, financial reporting and customized financial forecasting for my business. I'm really happy with their service and how quickly they get back to me. Their CFO has amazing insights that have saved my company so much money!
Trey Coleman, Google Review
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Google Review
It has been nothing shy of amazing working with Avenues. Our business has needed quality financial advice and detailed reporting for the longest time. We have used multiple well known accounting services over the years and they simply don't compare to what we get from Avenues. Highly Recommended!
Jordan Conner, Google Review
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